Official statement of Initiative group "For the Truth”

We, Ukrainian citizens, are against of bloodshed, caused by protest provocateurs, clashing crowd with police. They knowingly ignore people’s right to conduct a peaceful referendum. Provocateurs instigate violent and aggressive pseudo-revolutionary  fire of civil war.

We believe it is an emergency situation in Ukraine. The country is on the verge of NATO troops entering and occupation.

Under these conditions, we announce  establishing of Emergency Committee on Saving Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens.

We voice our emphatic protest against use of force by the police and protesters. We forbid few thousands of Maidan protesters to act on behalf of millions of Ukrainian citizens! We demand you to stop violence!

We believe it is a huge provocation breaking out in Ukraine. Indeed, European Union laid down exceedingly hard conditions to our country. Had the conditions been met, Ukrainians would never forgive Yanukovich: Signing EU Association Agreement under those conditions leads Ukraine economics to collapse; the country is to loose its sovereignty and to be used in the interests of international oligarchs. West is despaired of profiting from Ukraine.   

Concerned parties keep funding provocation of mass riots  by the example of Syria.  This so called "euro revolution” is being carried out by special services. Their methods  have already been tested in other countries–victims of the CIA.

We believe so called opposition is breaking out this provocation together with Ukrainian government. When EU trap becomes too  obvious for everyone, it will be too late; we’ll remember the bloody Euromaidan. We believe that opposition, imposed on Ukrainian people, namely  Klitschko, Yatsenyuk, Tyahnybok,Poroshenko, continues policy of country destruction started by Yushchenko, Tymoshenko and Yanukovych. They are not representatives of common Ukrainian people.

We think they all are controlled by the same third party, and Ukraine has been governed  from abroad already for a long time.

After the USSR collapse, we have underwent reforms under the IMF guidance. Ukraine had been the main industrial, military and grain center of the USSR. The IMF laid down condition to cancel state control over the exchange rate, and Ukrainian currency has collapsed. Later, the IMF called to end government subsidies. The bread price has increased by 300 % , electricity - 600%, public transport - by 900% . As a result of IMF requirements, Ukrainians were  forced to buy domestic goods at prices denominated in dollars. Because of excessively high electricity prices and lack of bank loans State industry went bankrupt.

Foreign profiteers were allowed to pick out jewelry for knock-down prices.

At the request of the IMF and World Bank, Ukraine abandoned the government regulation of agriculture. As a result, Ukraine, once a granary for Europe, was forced to ask the USA for food assistance. And the USAquite fortunately got rid of their grain surplus selling it to Ukraine,  which further disrupted Ukrainian food self-sufficiency.

Today they want to finish our country off by luring individuals ambitious enough to speak on behalf of all Ukrainian citizens.  The aim of such provocateurs is to provoke deaths and blood to provide NATO with a reason to intervene.  That is why we established the  Emergency committee with main objective  is to lead Ukraine out of political and economical crises by peaceful means, by  uniting people together for preserving the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Emergency Committee of Ukraine believe Maidan crisis to be provoked by Western institutions interested in cheap market and territory of Ukraine. Under these conditions, Ukrainians must take their fate it their hands, and unite to prevent foreigners from interfering in Ukraine's sovereignty issues.

We demand that the mass media provide opportunities for All-Ukrainian debate – an open public discussion of further development of Ukraine. The far-reaching decisions must be made by all Ukrainian citizens, but not only y bunch of imposters or government that has lost the confidence of the people!

Only peaceful all-Ukrainian fair and open referendum will answer what people really want.  To ensure informed decision every citizen must be provided with exhaustive information about pros and cons of association with the EU, joining the CU or self-sufficient and independent path of development of Ukraine. 

We call for every Ukrainian citizen to sign the document, forbidding Obama to bring army forces into our sovereign country.

A petition was filed on the White House website for this purpose  http://u.to/nlNGBg.

Main objectives of the Emergency Committee:

1. To coordinate efforts of all Ukrainian citizens to recover from current crisis peacefully.

2. To organize all-Ukrainian discussion of possible ways out of this emergency situation.

3. To  organize and conduct all-Ukrainian referendum on trust (or distrust) of current government, on signing (or not signing) of association with the EU, on joining (or not joining) the Customs Union, or on choosing its own independent path of development. Also, people must chose weather it is necessary or not to demand  resignation of Yanukovich and elected bodies,  weather it is necessary or not to change election law of Ukraine, namely the form of ballot from secret (that can be falsified) to open one (roll call).

4. Based on the referendum’s results and after corresponding amendments to the electoral legislation, to organize and conduct open and fair elections of the president and all elected bodies of the government.

5. To prevent bloodshed and provocations.

6. To preventing military, ideological and economic intervention of foreign states harmful for Ukrainian citizens and the Ukrainian state.

Other objectives of the Emergency Committee:

- To initiate OPEN investigation  and prosecute  those liable for the destruction of the country, the impoverishment of the people and the creation of emergency situation, guilty of high treason, provocations bloodshed and riots.

- To develop and implement urgent measures to stimulate and restore the real economy and restore the economic and financial independence of Ukraine;

- To form working and non-corrupt system of democracy and self-government.

Only people may prevent bloodshed. It is our duty.

We await for everyone sharing our aims to join the Emergency Committee.



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